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Insect protein for a greener future

Insects in dogfood? Yuck! In the West, we still find insects somewhat disgusting, even though they are a regular part of the menu for 2 billion people.

Still, insects are an excellent source of protein for humans and dogs alike. Besides providing first-class protein, insects contain valuable fatty acids that do your four-legged friend’s skin and coat good. But there are even more reasons for feeding your canine food based on insect protein.

Promoting THE sustainable protein source of the future

More and more people in Europe are exploring this source of protein as an option for human nutrition. With the increasingly relevant issue of food scarcity in mind, as well as the various environmental problems associated with conventional animal husbandry, insects are considered the protein source of the future. Read more here about why bugs are so good for the Earth.

Dog with allergies – when nothing else works

An intolerance is always based on protein structures. Some dogs react literally to everything and anything and thus need food with a seldom-used source of protein. Some dog owners look to kangaroo or ostrich meat for a solution. But you don’t have to do this to your carbon footprint: what about highly nutritious insects that also provide valuable fatty acids? Your pooch has probably never had them in his bowl – at least not until now!


InsectDog Hypoallergen

with Insect Protein

Hypoallergenic, grainfree complete feed for your sensitive companion with allergies.
with Insect Protein

as the sole source of animal protein



InsectDog Sensitive

with Insect Protein & Rice

Light diet for your dog with a sensitive digestive system.
Insect Protein

as the sole source of animal protein

  Immune Plus

  Easy to digest

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