Cat Food Dry

FairCat Safe

FairCat Safe

with insect protein

from 3.79 €

Every morsel of our FairCat dry foods is exactly what your feline needs. Our all-in-one food products provide all the nutrients your cat needs for their everyday adventures. What’s more, our FairCat products will also make you and your kitty real climate heroes!          
Wait, what? That's right, FairCat is the first climate-positive cat food! By preserving forests in Tanzania, we compensate for 25% more CO2 than we emit. This makes all of our FairCat products climate positive. We know that this is not the only argument for picky kitties, however, so we've also developed two different types of dry food.           
FairCat Safe lets your cat enjoy a bowl of insect protein and poultry. Insect protein is particularly environmentally friendly, as insects produce less CO2 during breeding. The recipe of FairCat Safe is not only environmentally friendly and tasty, it’s also gluten-free - perfect for the sensitive adult house cat. In addition, the unique Life Protect mixture also supports fitness and well-being. For when it's time to go in and out and in and ... ah yes, out again.
Even if your kitty is fussy and loves variety in their bowl, FairCat is the right choice for you: our wet and dry foods are perfectly matched and can be easily combined.           
What are you and your cat waiting for? Become climate heroes now with FairCat!

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