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Eileen with Simba and Zazu

Living with animals means your own CO2 footprint is bigger. That's why I was keen to find a more environmentally friendly alternative that was suitable for my cats Simba and Zazu. For us, FairCat is exactly the alternative I was looking for: it's good for the environment and for my three-year-old cats. In the past, they often had digestive problems, but ever since I introduced FairCat Safe, they are doing better than ever. Zazu's problems with struvite stones and the associated fluctuations in pH have also stabilised as a result.

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Mona with Aleka

Sustainability matters just as much to me as a healthy, species-appropriate diet for my sheepdog Aleka. He is 7 years old and, unfortunately, has joint problems, so I have to keep a close eye on his weight and food intake. VeggieDog Origin has given us a two-in-one solution: food that makes Aleka feel great and helps him maintain his weight, while also being more environmentally friendly! A really appetising solution that helps you keep an eye on your pet's weight.

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Veronica with Cassie

Cassie is a little allergy sufferer. So alternative protein sources and reducing meat consumption are very important to us. With InsectDog Hypoallergen from Green Petfood, we have finally found a product that is good for our five-year-old dog. Goodbye allergies — and hello to excellent digestion, a beautiful coat, and a pleasant odour!

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Lara with Mali

At first, we really struggled to find the right food for Mali. Our dog has a very sensitive stomach and finds some food difficult to digest. Luckily, we discovered Green Petfood and found exactly what we were looking for in InsectDog Sensitive. Since then, Mali has had no more problems, and she also finds the food incredibly delicious. We are delighted!

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Alina with Rocky

There are two things I am passionate about: firstly, the environment; and secondly, of course, Rocky's well-being. And that includes food containing excellent nutrients. InsectDog Mini from Green Petfood ticks both boxes for me. Or should I say, for my dog! Because it's not just me that is thrilled, Rocky absolutely loves eating InsectDog Mini. Fitness, activity and a beautiful coat included!

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Julia with Yuki and Lilly

Since I eat a vegan diet myself and avoid animal products for ethical and sustainability reasons, at some point I found myself asking: what could I improve about my dogs' food? I found the answer when my seven-year-old Yuki was one: ever since then he has been eating VeggieDog Grainfree from Green Petfood. And he is on top form. Yuki is thriving with this food, as evidenced by his blood values too. He takes great delight in his agility. And Lilly, my rescue dog from Hungary, is also doing well: to start with she often experienced gastrointestinal problems. But that hasn't been an issue since she switched to Green Petfood.

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Eileen with Johnny

With two cats and a dog, it's important to me that all of them get good, sustainable food - free from sugar and animal testing. Johnny is very picky but is also a glutton and a gobbler. I just have to tear open the bag of FairCat, and he is already completely excited and impatient. I am glad that his favourite type of FairCat is good for the bladder and kidneys and that he gets an optimal supply of all the important vitamins and proteins he needs.

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Sylvie with Lys and Skína

We feel really great with Green Petfood. My cats Lys and Skìna love all varieties. And it is simply good to know that this brand always tries to find the best sustainable solutions, in a totally honest and upstanding way. Purrfect.

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Teresa with Anubis, Timi, Eynn und Abby

With FairCat, I have found a food that is made from high quality ingredients and is ideal for my cats' sensitive digestive systems. We try to live our lives as sustainably as possible and are glad that this doesn't have to stop with the feed.

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