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Michaela with Odi from Magdeburg

"Because I live a cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly life, my dog's environmental paw print should also be as small as possible. Thanks to Green Petfood and its VeggieDog food, Odi is perfectly nourished and can enjoy his life to the full. I also know that I can stand behind the products that my dog receives and deserves, with a good conscience. And the best thing of all? He loves the taste - HURRAH!"

"Thanks to VeggieDog, I can even feed my pet, Findus, on a vegetarian diet."

Anna H.


Jessi with Greta from Münster

"When we got Greta, I found myself - as a committed vegetarian - confronted by a completely new challenge: from the outset I knew that I didn't want to feed Greta a meat-free diet, but I needed to find a way to reconcile this with my conscience. Alongside the welfare of all creatures, the ecological footprint created by me and my dog is also very important to me. For us, FarmDog is a solution that ticks all the boxes."

"With FarmDog, things are finally looking up for our little Charly!"

Katharina M.


Agnes with Louis from Jülich

"Louis is highly sensitive to allergies. He was always scratching and his fur was dull and falling out in clumps. Since receiving InsectDog as his main food and VeggieDog as treats, we haven't had any more problems with his allergies and Louis feels as happy as Larry again."

Alina - with Akita - from Uedem

“I have now been feeding Akira with InsectDog Hypoallergenic for several months. She has no skin problems whatsoever, no rashes, no itching, no bare patches and no problems with stomach pain, diarrhoea or constipation. I am really delighted, and 100% impressed! As is my sensitive little four-legged friend.”

"Thanks to InsectDog, Diesel's coat is shining again!"

Mirjam L.


Sylvie with Lys ad Skína from Braunschweig

“I try to live sustainably and decided to become a vegan three years ago. When I adopted my cats, Lys and Skína, we knew we would try everything to make their footprint as small as possible, and it was also important to me of course to find a catfood that would cover all their needs for a healthy life. We feel really great with Green Petfood, and it is simply good to know that this brand always tries to find the best solutions, in a totally honest and upstanding way, because – in the end – with animal food, it is always about which animals end up in it too. All of the criteria that were important to me are covered – and, on top of it, it looks great, and both cats love all the different types. Purrfect.”

Eileen with Johnny, Phoebe and Lipton from Herten

“With two cats and a dog, it was important to me that all three get good, sustainable, environmentally friendly and, in part, vegan food – plus grainfree, sugarfree and with no experiments on animals. Sustainability should not have to stop where animal feed starts, and that’s what makes us happy to have found Green Petfood. Johnny is very picky but is also a glutton and a gobbler. I just have to tear open the bag of FairCat, and he is already completely excited and impatient. I am glad that his favourite type of FairCat is good for the bladder and kidneys and that he gets an optimal supply of all the important vitamins and proteins he needs.”

Teresa with Anubis, Timi, Fynn and Abby from Lutherstadt Eisleben

“As the owner of 4 furry felines, it is important to me that my cats receive only high-quality food. With FairCat Sensitive, I have found a catfood that not only is made of high-quality ingredients, but also is ideal for the sensitive digestion of two of my cats. We try to make our lifestyle as sustainable as possible and are glad that we don’t have to make an exception for catfood. The concept of species-appropriate animal husbandry in the food fits right into our daily lives.”

"Karlo loved FairCat right from the beginning!"

Carolin H.

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