InsectDog Dog Food



Hypoallergen Adult

with insect protein

from 4.99€ per kg



Sensitive Adult

 insect protein & rice

from 3.99 per kg

Does your dog struggle to eat standard dog food? Are you looking for a sustainable and healthy solution for your four-legged friend? Good news: you're in the right place! That's because our product InsectDog is THE solution for adult dogs suffering from food intolerances. Seeing as many allergies concern traditional sources of protein, we decided to turn to something totally new: insects!
What's more, our healthy all-in-one food for sensitive dogs has another advantage: while the production of conventional types of meat does considerable harm to the environment, producing food from insect protein is far more environmentally friendly. The production process produces fewer greenhouse gases, uses less water and breeding insects leads to less contamination of the soil.
All in addition to being much more tolerable for your dog! That's because both of our InsectDog products, Hypoallergen and Sensitive, are alternatives for dogs with allergies and digestive issues. InsectDog Hypoallergen is an all-in-one diet dog food full of valuable fatty acids to help your dog achieve healthy skin and a shiny coat. A clinical study has even proven that hypoallergenic dog food can successfully help dogs with allergies. InsectDog Sensitive combines easily digestible rice and a unique combination of vital substances to best nourish the skin, fur, gut flora and immune system.
Are you ready to become a sustainability pioneer alongside your pooch? Then it's time to try out insect protein!

"Thanks to InsectDog, Diesel's coat is shining again!"

Mirjam L.

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