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In our Dog Guide, you can find out all you need to know about your dog and their nutrition. Are you wondering whether your four-legged friend's nutritional requirements can be fully met by vegetarian dog food? Or why insects will be appearing in dog bowls of the future? Our Dog Guide helps you find the answers to all of these questions. Here, you will also discover interesting info about the world of Green Petfood.

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Dog food with insects?
written byNina Rimbach

Food intolerances in dogs and cats are a common problem that is growing in frequency. Often the cause is animal protein – in other words, your pet is reacting to the meat contained in its food. What's more, the meat content is not exactly helping to lower your cat or dog's CO2 paw print and is harmful for our climate.


The state of research on vegetarian dog food
written byAlexandra Popp

Vegetarian dog food? Sure thing!  We are doing away with the dangerous half-truth that a dog needs meat.  While our four-legged friends are descended from wolves, centuries spent alongside people has had an effect - above all in the dog's digestive tract.  Of course, our furry-nosed friends still need protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins – but they doesn't necessarily have to come from animal sources. There is no problem for a modern dog to get the nutrition they need from plant-based food.