How we make dog and cat food better and greener together.

1. Better


Good food is good, green food is better. Green Petfood is sustainable, tasty food that is good for dogs and cats. Why?
Because we question the norm – both in terms of what goes into your pet’s bowl and the production process. And we’ve been doing this since 2013, which makes us a pioneering pet food brand.

We were pioneers in the market for alternative protein sources – and we set standards. Our innovative recipes have enhanced the lives of many pets with allergies.

We develop our products in the heart of Germany and in cooperation with veterinarians and nutritionists. We run tests and implement in our own accredited laboratory. As a manufacturer, we also run control over our own production process which allows us to ensure consistent quality.

But our products are not just good for your four-legged companion, thanks to our unwavering insistence on genuine palatability and digestibility tests, the recipes are really popular with dogs and cats too.

It’s tasty, it’s good, it’s green ... yes, green!

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2. Greener


There’s a reason we’re called Green Petfood. The green in our name stands for our commitment. It’s good for our karma, but above all for the environment and climate. We see animals, people and nature as one and our planet as home.

Our vegetarian dog food is just one of our green solutions.

It is true that as a manufacturer we consume resources. But it’s also a fact that we can give something back to nature with clever products. In fact, we can give more than we take. As true pioneers, our aspirations go beyond being climate neutral. Thanks to forest conservation and reforestation projects, we are 125% climate positive!

As a manufacturer, however, we are constantly scrutinising our approach to find further improvements. We want to avoid, reduce and compensate. We ask ourselves what is more sustainable? What could be more resource efficient? Between regional and rational, we are always looking for the most environmentally sensible solutions.

Green Petfood is our mission for a supremely green footprint and paw print.

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3. Together


Green Petfood has been a project close to our hearts for many years – and we remain as convinced of its value as we were on day one. That’s why we want to motivate and inspire you with the green concept.

We firmly believe we can achieve more together. As the green dream team, we don’t just want to dream of a better world, we want to shape the future with you.

We are grateful for and enjoy our community – we stay in constant dialogue and never stop learning from each other.

Take our Green Workshop, for instance, where we regularly meet customers to discuss product innovations, sustainable ideas and projects. It’s a highly popular format in Germany: a chance to get involved and actively influence decision-making.

With this mindset, we are constantly expanding our fan base and attracting the best talent to join our Green Petfood team.

Together, we are committed to the best and greenest food. For your much-loved four-legged companions. And for a future with a future.

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