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InsectDog Hypoallergen

with Insect Protein

Hypoallergenic, grainfree complete feed for your sensitive companion with allergies.
insect protein
as the sole source of animal protein


The selected ingredients and the reduced number of protein sources used offer an alternative for dogs with food intolerances.

This formula does not contain any cereal and is suitable as a daily grainfree food for healthy and sensitive dogs.

Because insects are a source of protein that is not used very often, our InsectDog Hypoallergen is the solution for adult canines that suffer from a food intolerance. Valuable fatty acids help make for healthy skin and a shiny coat. The grainfree recipe is not only suitable for sensitive pooches, but also for all four-legged pioneers: insects are THE sustainable protein source of the future!

Complete diet feed for adult dogs with nutrient intolerances.

Composition: dried potato; pea flour (natural source of amino acids); insects 10.0 %; sunflower oil; partially hydrolysed yeast; potato protein; minerals; beet fibre; carob meal.

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Important for: Analytical components:
Growth, muscles, regeneration Protein % 22,00
Energy, shiny coat, healthy skin Fat content % 12,00
Digestion Crude fibre % 2,70
Mineral supply Crude ash % 7,10
Bones, teeth, blood coagulation Calcium % 0,90
Bones, teeth, movement Phosphorus % 0,70


Important for:
Blood formation, respiration, enzymes Iron1 mg/kg 180
Healthy skin, cell protection Zinc2 mg/kg 160
Shiny coat, healthy bones, cell protection Manganese3 mg/kg 16
Healthy skin, beautiful coat, cell protection Copper4 mg/kg 20
Energy metabolism Iodine5 mg/kg 2,0
Muscles, cell protection, fertility Selenium6 mg/kg 0,25

Technological additives: antioxydants: tocopherol extracts of natural origin.
1 iron (ferrous (II) sulfate, monohydrate), 2 zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate), 3 manganese (manganese-(II)-oxide), 4 copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate), 5 iodine (calcium iodate), 6 selenium (sodium selenite).

Please store in a cool, dry and dark location. Close the bag well after opening. Recommended feeding amounts: see table. Please note that the recommended amounts are guidelines and are to be adjusted to the individual dietary status and activity level of your pet. Always offer your pet fresh drinking water.

Important for: Nutritional additives pro kg:
Vision, fertility, immune system Vitamin A I.U./kg 16.000
Bone metabolism Vitamin D3 I.U./kg 1.200
Cell protection, healthy skin Vitamin E mg/kg 130
Water-soluble Antioxidation, cell protection Vitamin C mg/kg 100
Energy metabolism, nerve function Vitamin B1 mg/kg 10
Enzymes, protein metabolism Vitamin B2 mg/kg 15
Blood formation, protein metabolism Vitamin B6 mg/kg 15
Blood formation, growth, metabolism Vitamin B12 mcg/kg 70
Carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism Pantothenic mg/kg 40
Growth, development, blood formation Folic mg/kg 4
Skin, energy metabolism, nerves Niacin mg/kg 60
Fat metabolism L-carnitine mg/kg 250
Vision, heart muscle, fertility Taurine mg/kg 1.000
Healthy skin, energy metabolism Biotin mcg/kg 600


Why insects? Because insects…

  • are an ideal basis for hypoallergenic food because they have so far been rarely used as a high-quality protein source in dog food
  • are a very sustainable alternative compared to other animal-based protein sources because the way they are raised produces far less carbon emissions
  • provide the dog not only with high-quality protein, but also with valuable fatty acids


Feeding recommendations per animal per day
inactive / older normally active active
5 kg   55 g   65 g   85 g
10 kg   85 g 115 g 145 g
20 kg 140 g 195 g 245 g
30 kg 190 g 265 g 335 g
40 kg 240 g 330 g 415 g
60 kg 355 g 460 g 565 g
80 kg 405 g 550 g 695 g


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