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Vegetarian Dogfood: With all your dog needs & good for the environment

“But dogs are descended from wolves!” On the other hand, dogs have evolved a lot over time, adapting to human ways of life. In comparison to wolves, dogs are better equipped with the enzymes necessary for breaking down starch. Dogs can thus take in and digest plant-based food with no problem. Your pooch needs protein, but it doesn’t have to come from meat. Our vegetarian VeggieDog, developed in line with international dietary requirements, provides your adult dog with all he needs. Did you know, that the oldest dog in the world was fed a vegan diet? You’ll find more information about how a vegetarian diet is possible here. But there are yet other reasons for giving your canine vegetarian or vegan food.

Intolerance against animal protein

An intolerance is always based on protein structures. Unfortunately, more and more dogs react to a whole range of animal protein and thus need dogfood with a protein source that they do not yet know. Some dog owners look to kangaroo or ostrich meat for a solution. But you don’t have to do this to your carbon footprint: you can also act sustainably with completely vegetarian dog food!

Good for the environment

Are you one of a growing number of people who consciously watch their consumption and health? Are you maybe even vegetarian or vegan yourself? You don’t want other creatures to have to give up their lives for your four-legged companion? Scientifically speaking, there is no reason for your dog not to become vegetarian too. So, why not make him a true animal lover?

Alongside the ethical reasons, refusing to eat meat also helps protect the environment: whereas 1 kg of beef takes 15,000 liters of water to produce, for example, 1 kg of potatoes takes only 1,300 liters. It follows that feeding your dog in a vegetarian way means making a contribution to climate protection.


VeggieDog Grainfree

with Potato & Pea

Vegetarian, grainfree complete feed for your four-legged friend.
100% vegetarian
99,99% vegan*

*contains 0.01% vitamin D3 from wool fat


  Herbs & Fruits


VeggieDog Origin

with red lentil

Vegetarian, glutenfree complete feed for your adult canine.
100% vegetarian
99,99% vegan*

*contains 0.01% vitamin D3 from wool fat

  Cardiac function


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