VeggieDog Grainfree

with Potato & Pea

  • Grain-free complete food with potatoes and peas for sensitive adult dogs
  • 100% vegetarian, 99.99% vegan (contains 0.01% Vitamin D3 from lanolin)
  • Delicious herbs and forest fruits round off the veggie menu
  • Climate-positive: through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of our CO2 emissions.

On your marks, get set, GO MEATFREE: VeggieDog Grainfree’s vegetarian, grainfree recipe provides your adult canine with all essential nutrients. Peas and potato give your dog valuable amino acids, while delicious herbs and fruits are the perfect finishing touch to our veggie meal. Whether based on your ethical convictions or because your pooch suffers from an intolerance: with VeggieDog Grainfree, your four-legged friend can help make the world more sustainable every day!

Nutritionally optimised complete feed for adult dogs.

100% vegetarian

99,99 % vegan*

*contains 0,01% vitamin D3 from wool fat

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dried potato 41.0 %; pea flour (natural source of amino acids) 14.0 %; potato protein; plant oil; partially hydrolysed yeast; minerals; beet fibre; apple fibre 3.0 %; hydrolysed vegetable protein; grounded chicory root (natural source of inulin); herbs, fruits 0.1 %; dried algae 0.05 %.

Vegetarian is possible because…

  • compared to wolves, dogs are better equipped to digest food that is rich in starch (increased enzyme production)
  • thanks to a clever combination of different kinds of vegetable protein, dogs can potentially cover their nutritional needs even better than with meat-based protein
  • dogs have been evolving at man's side for thousands of years, making them better adapted to human living conditions
Feeding recommendation per animal per day
Weight   inactive – oldernormally activeactive
5 kg55 g65 g85 g
10 kg85 g115 g145 g
20 kg140 g195 g245 g
30 kg190 g260 g330 g
40 kg240 g325 g410 g
60 kg335 g455 g560 g
80 kg400 g545 g690 g