Cat toy DIY – easy and homemade

Chasing, lurking and catching – cats have a basic need to practise and live out their hunting skills, to exercise and to keep fit. With suitable DIY cat toys you can help your little tiger in the best way possible - and also act sustainably. Katarina, who has two cats of her own, shows you how to make your own homemade cat toys really easily.

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Vegan dog treats recipe – Beware: super tasty!

Even for dogs that are given a complete food that meets all their nutritional needs, you may still want to spoil them from time to time. Do you already feed your pooch a vegetarian or vegan diet and want the perfect treat to round it off? Or perhaps animal protein is still on your menu, but you think it's great to have a veggie day from time to time? Then you've come to the right place. Read on to find out how to make super tasty vegan dog biscuits easily and with just a few ingredients. Unstoppable pets are guaranteed!

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Dog ice cream DIY – Easy ideas and recipes!
written byLeonie Eisenträger


Need to cool down? Whether it's hot outside, raining or snowing, your four-legged friend will simply love our DIY dog ice cream. Here, we tell you how to prepare it and what you need.

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