written by Larissa Gerlach

Why vegetarian dry dog food is a real alternative

Vegetarian dog food? Here at Green Petfood, we say: yes! Dogs may have evolved from wolves, but over the course of their evolution they have developed and adapted to humans' way of life. Scientific research shows that today's dogs can digest starchy, plant-based food well. Compared to wolves, dogs possess better enzymes for the digestion of starch-rich foods. This means that it is possible to feed your four-legged friend vegetarian or even vegan food. And here at Green Petfood, we are happy to step up to the challenge.

A vegetarian menu for dogs
With VeggieDog, our range offers a complete dog food that does not contain meat. How does it work? The most important thing is that dogs obtain enough protein, or amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. As dogs cannot produce these themselves, they need to receive them from their food. We have carefully selected the high-quality ingredients used in our VeggieDog food together with nutritional scientists and in line with international nutritional standards, to ensure that your adult dog is properly taken care of.

Instead of animal protein, we use plant protein, such as potatoes, peas, and red lentils, which form an effective and healthy basis. In our gluten-free VeggieDog Origin, taurine and L-carnitine also support the functioning of your four legged friend's heart. This ensures that healthy, adult dogs are supplied with all the nutrients they need. With VeggieDog, four-legged friends with food intolerances can find an easily digestible alternative, as many allergies are caused by conventional meat. The lack of grain makes this food highly digestible for dogs. So VeggieDog can be a good solution for excluding potential allergens and allergy triggers, for example.


Proven to be tasty
For 7 years now, all the success stories from our two-legged and four-legged customers have proven that VeggieDog also tastes good. On social media, we are bombarded with great stories from our furry friends who are vegetarian and healthy. Bibi is one of thousands of vegetarian cats. Her mistress Jala reports in our Green Petfood blog about the successful changeover to a meatless dog menu. Why they both rave about VeggieDog: "Bibi likes the taste & her mistress is happy to be able to feed her without hurting animals or causing environmental pollution."

Vegetarian, healthy and sustainable
Last but not least, VeggieDog is also a great alternative in terms of sustainability. The consumption of meat, milk, and eggs is responsible for at least 51% of the CO2 emissions caused by humans worldwide. What's more, conventional animal farming has an impact on the areas under cultivation, as land use per unit of protein is generally lower for plants than for farm animals. So, going meat-free can really help you to do your bit to protect the climate and reduce your CO2 footprint (or paw print)!

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