written by Larissa Gerlach


Kleinheubach, 07.09.2021 – InsectDog from Green Petfood has been part of the climate-positive brand's fixed range for many years. In order to respond to the growing group of customers who own small, sensitive dogs, the team of nutritionists and veterinarians has developed a new product: InsectDog Mini grainfree with insect protein and animal welfare chicken. The product features a recipe and kibble size that have been specially adapted for small breeds.

InsectDog Mini Grainfree

Many dog lovers already swear by Green Petfood's Super Premium insect-based dog food - not just because it tastes delicious, but because it is a sustainable solution for fourlegged friends. Compared to traditional sources of protein, insects generate far less CO2 during production, consume less water, require less space, and therefore have a particularly small CO2 pawprint.

The unique thing about this new addition? As one of the first insect products on the market, it is also suitable for all breeds. Insects, sweet potato and red lentils are the high-quality ingredients that give InsectDog Mini grainfree its delicious taste and make it easy to tolerate. From October 2021, the new complete grain-free food will be available for small and growing dogs from 8 weeks of age in 5 x 900g and 7.5kg sizes as well as 90g samples.