Farmdog Active Grainfree

with animal welfare chicken & red lentil


Our Farmdog Active Grainfree will be only available for a limited time. (More information can be found here: You ask, we answer: farewell to animal welfare chicken | green-petfood.com)

  • Grain-free complete food for adult and lively dogs
  • With humanely bred chicken and red lentils
  • Vitamin E, vitamin C and yeast support your dog's skin, coat, gut flora, and immune system
  • Climate-positive: through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of our CO2 emissions.

Full steam ahead: Our FarmDog Active grainfree is perfect for your vivacious wet nose tail-wagler. Red lentil and animal welfare chicken supply your four-legged friend with valuable proteins. The unique combination of vital substances such as vitamin E, vitamin C, inulin and yeast optimally supports the skin, coat, intestinal flora and immune system. In the grainfree recipe, we consciously rely on chicken which grows up under more natural living conditions. Thus, your dog actively contributes to animal welfare!

  • Complete feed for adult dogs.
  • Chicken 100 % cared for in a more species-appropriate way

Download product information:

dried chicken protein from a more species-appropriate husbandry 28.0 %; dried potato; chicken fat from a more species-appropriate husbandry; dried red lentil 10.0 %; pea flour; beet fibre; partially hydrolysed yeast; apple fibre; carob meal; minerals; psyllium husks; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin).

Why does our FarmDog chicken live more species-appropriate?

  • 30% more coop space
  • Natural coop environment: activity opportunities such as picking stones & bales of straw, winter gardens or open stables, perches and bedding for scratching and sand bathing
  • Slow rearing
  • No genetically modified animal feed used