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Green Petfood = Sustainability, Innovation & Quality

Does your dog – like more and more of his fellow canines – suffer from allergic reactions to animal protein in his food? And are you a conscientious dog owner, who does his part to protect the environment and natural resources by living in a consciously sustainable way? With Green Petfood, we have created an innovative and ecological alternative for you. This super premium kibble is the perfect choice for dogs and dog owners with special needs and environmental awareness.

Green Petfood

We aim to feed the dogs of this world in a healthy and sustainable way. This philosophy is a constant throughout the entire production process – from choosing the ingredients to the final product. In this mindset, we have expanded our own horizons and have got involved in chosen social and ecological development projects.

Only ingredients of the highest quality, preferrably coming from regional suppliers, are used in our Green Petfood dog kibble. We are rigorous in the tests that we conduct on all incoming ingredients as well as on outgoing products in our accredited in-house laboratory. The independent DLGTestService GmbH inspected our entire Green Petfood range as well as its production processes, certifying them with a test result of “VERY GOOD”.

Is your dog getting all he needs with Green Petfood?

Our products are nutritionally optimised complete feed and cover all of your dog’s daily needs. Going beyond that, the alternative protein contained in the food in the form of peas, lupine or insects are particularly gentle on your four-legged friend’s digestion.

We never add wheat or soy to our formulas. It goes without saying that our Green Petfood formulas do not contain any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. In developing our dog food, we do not conduct any animal testing.

Our current product range has the following products on offer:

InsectDog Hypoallergen – Hypoallergenic, grainfree complete feed with insect protein as the sole source of animal protein for adult dogs.
InsectDog Sensitive – Complete feed with insect protein, for adult dogs with a sensitive digestion.
VeggieDog Grainfree – 100 % vegetarian, 99.99% vegan and grainfree complete feed for adult dogs.
VeggieDog Light – 100 % vegetarian, 99.99% vegan complete feed for adult dogs with lower calorie requirements.
FarmDog Mini Grainfree – Grainfree complete feed with animal welfare chicken for adolescent and adult.
FarmDog Active Grainfree – Grainfree complete feed with animal welfare chicken for active adult dogs.
FarmDog Country –  Complete feed with animal welfare chicken for adult and senior dogs.

Why does our FarmDog chicken live more species-appropriate?

  • 30% more coop space
  • Natural coop environment: activity opportunities such as picking stones & bales of straw, winter gardens or open stables, perches and bedding for scratching and sand bathing
  • Slow rearing
  • No genetically modified animal feed used

Vegetarian is possible because…

  • compared to wolves, dogs are better equipped to digest food that is rich in starch (increased enzyme production)
  • thanks to a clever combination of different kinds of vegetable protein, dogs can potentially cover their
    nutritional needs even better than with meat-based protein
  • dogs have been evolving at man’s side for thousands of years, making them better adapted to human living conditions

Why insects? Because insects…

  • are an ideal basis for hypoallergenic food because they have so far been rarely used as a high-quality protein source in dog food
  • are a very sustainable alternative compared to other animal-based protein sources because the way they are raised produces far less carbon emissions
  • provide the dog not only with high-quality protein, but also with valuable fatty acids

Would you like to give your dog the best premium quality and, at the same time, help contribute to environmental protection? Then Green Petfood is the right choice for you!