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No meat?! Is vegan dog-food for my four-legged friend healthy?

You feed yourself vegan. Your dog is sensitive and does not tolerate animal feed ingredients. You place great importance on healthy and sustainable animal nutrition. There are many reasons why vegan dog food is the right thing for your dog. But to not feed a dog meat, does that puzzle you? Then get informed through our guide about a purely vegetable diet for your four-legged friend.

Following topics are handled in this guide:

  • What is vegan dog food?
    We tell you what it means if dog food is vegan  Read more
  • Why is a vegan diet for my dog ​​possible?
    What the main differences between dogs and wolves are can you read here:  Read more
  • Why should I choose vegan dog food?
    We summed up the most important advantages for you  Read more
  • When is dog food, which is vegan, particularly recommendable?
    If your dog is suffering from an allergy, you should consider feeding vegan dog food Read more


What is vegan dog food?

Vegan dog food does not contain any animal ingredients
Similar to human nutrition, the term "vegan" is used when the feed has no animal ingredients. This, of course, primarily relates to meat, which is a large part in conventional wet and dry feed. Vegan dog food, however, also dispenses with other animal products such as dairy products. It should also be noted that these feed are free from animal experimenting, genetically modified ingredients and artificial additives, such as coloring, preservation and flavoring.
If you decide to feed your four-legged animal purely vegetarian on your own, it could happen that your dog misses out on important amino acids. For this reason, high-quality, vegan dog food is optimally adapted to the needs of dogs and, if necessary, provided with natural additives, so that the animals are well-nutritioned.

Why is a vegan diet for my dog ​​possible?

It is understandable that you should be skeptical about vegan dog food. After all one thinks of meat immediately for nutrition for the dog. As a descendant of the wolf, this is obvious, since it mainly feeds on animals such as deer, hares and wild boar. Although wolves also eat the purely vegetarian stomach content of their prey animals, and berries and other fruits are also part of their diet, this diet is far from vegan. Why should you feed your dog vegan?
First of all, dogs and wolves are not only very different in their appearance and way of life, but also in their diet. This is mainly due to man's contribution, since the dog has always been at his side and has adapted his life behavior. Therefore today, a dog, unlike the wolf, is an omnivore that can eat both meat and certain fruits and vegetables and grain. The latter distinguishes it, especially from its ancestor, since its ancestor can digest starchy foods such as wheat, potatoes, rice or maize in a limited capacity only. Over the years, genetic changes have made it possible for dogs to digest starch-containing food through an increased distribution of certain enzymes.
For this reason, your dog can also receive vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from alternative herbal sources. Meat is not a must in its diet as long as the vegan dog food is nutrient-optimized. Therefore, the question is not whether meat is part of the diet or not. Much more important are the nutrients contained therein. If the dog feed has essential proteins, it is unimportant whether these are derived from animal or vegetable protein sources. Decisive is the composition of the amino acids. Also, ensure that these are high-quality protein suppliers to guarantee that the plant proteins can replace the animal proteins.

Why should I choose vegan dog food?

  • The recipes are finely tuned to provide your dog with all essential nutrients.
  • The ingredients are carefully selected and combined with a outlook on proper diet.
  • If certain minerals, vitamins and trace elements are not covered by the herbal ingredients, they are added to the vegan dog food with additives of natural origin.
  • By neglecting animal ingredients, nature is spared.
  • Tests prove that the products of Green Petfood have a high degree of tolerability and can thus be optimally digested and utilized. This includes peas and lupins, which are easily digestible proteins.
  • The Green Petfood dog food has been developed by nutritionists as a complete meal. So you do not need to feed your dog additionally any more.

Note: If your dog is ill or in a special life situation, for example a pregnant or nursing bitch, you should ask a vet for advice before switching to vegan dog food. Otherwise, it is suitable as a complete feed for each adult dog.

When is dog food, which is vegan, particularly recommendable?

Itching, hair loss, ear inflammation, diarrhoea, and vomiting - these symptoms may be a warning sign that your dog is not able to tolerate food or is allergic. The number of nutritionally sensitive animals is increasing and in most cases it is due to the grain or meat contained in the animal feed. The reason for this are grain or meat proteins, which can cause various complaints in dogs. Whether these are actually from the feed, can be determined via a so-called exclusion diet. For this, your dog gets special allergy food with only one carbohydrate and protein source. The diet is best done under the guidance of a veterinarian, who can also do a blood test or a skin examination to find the cause of the complaints. If the allergenic substance is found, you can switch to a diet that is free of it.

vegan dogfood is suitable for every dog

  • If your dog reacts to grain, you can give him grain-free dog food that contains an alternative carbohydrate source such as potatoes or peas instead of wheat, oats, barley, etc.
  • If it does not tolerate a certain animal protein or is allergic to various substances, hypoallergenic dog food can be the right thing for him. Its composition is designed so that it contains as few as possible, typical allergens. To achieve this, Green Petfood uses rarely used protein sources. The varieties VeggieDog grain free and Veggie Dog light are also suitable in such a case.
  • If your dog is particularly sensitive to diet, a vegetarian dog feed without grain may be sensible. With this product, you can eliminate several allergenic ingredients at the same time. The chance that your dog can tolerate this particular food is therefore high.

Whether "grain free", "hypoallergenic" or "light" - the products of Green Petfood are designed as a complete feed. So it is not necessary that you feed your dog something extra. This point plays an important role in case of an allergy or intolerance, because even a small treat can lead to symptoms if it contains the allergens.
Due to the optimal selection and synergy of the nutrients, vegetarian or vegan dog food could help many sensitive dogs. It has alleviated their complaints, the symptoms disappeared and the four-legged friends have a happier life again. For a good dog life, meat is not necessarily the answer!