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Sustainability – Feed your dog and protect the environment!

On top of exceptional and innovative formulas, we focus on sustainability in all that we do. In doing so, we constantly ask ourselves: how can we feed our dogs in an environmentally sustainable way while still responding to their natural needs? How can we protect the environment and still provide our four-legged friends with the best food possible?

Our formulas

With Green Petfood, we hope to leave a positive “ecological footprint”. That is why we realised very soon that we want to use alternative sources of protein in our kibble instead of conventional meat.

VeggieDog grainfree and VeggieDog light vegetarian dog food are our answers to this. It not only helps to protect the environment but also perfectly meets dogs’ needs. We get the protein for our vegetaratian kibble primarily from potatoes, peas and lupine. In our search for other alternative sources of protein, we discovered insects: on one hand, they are a very sustainable alternative to many other animal protein sources because the way they are raised produces far less carbon emissions. On the other hand, they are an ideal basis for hypoallergenic food because they have so far been rarely used as a high-quality protein source in dog food.

Our Production

We produce our Green Petfood kibble in the beautiful Odenwald forest. We cannot completely avoid carbon emissions in producing our products. We do try, however, to keep them as low as possible through different measures:

  • All of our products are manufactured using only certified green electricity from renewable sources. Our energy consumption is comparatively low thanks to the latest production techniques.
  • In building our 30-meter tall high-bay warehouse, we used only wood from regional forests. By not using any steel, we avoided creating 2,100 tonnes of carbon emissions
  • Because we make it a priority to work with regional suppliers, we are able to reduce our carbon emissions thanks to shorter transport distances.
  • We plant trees in selected environmental projects in order to offset the carbon emissions produced in Germany.

Our Accessories

Our commitment to sustainability means that even our advertising items are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Our Green Petfood dog food bowl is made of 60% bamboo, one of the most quickly self-replenishing plants. The stuffed bear, made completely of natural materials, is a sustainable playmate for your four-legged friend. And the cloth carrier bag “My dog is important to me!”, made of 100% unbleached cotton, is also a perfect fit for our range of sustainable accessories.

The issue of sustainability is so important to us that we have integrated it into our Green Petfood logo. A tree made of a fingerprint represents the philosophy of sustainability that lies behind all of the brand’s aspirations. At the same time, it stands for the individual contribution that you are making in buying Green Petfood products.

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