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Hypoallergenic kibble: Perfect for dogs with allergies

Does this sound familiar? You can't find any more food that your dog can eat: it causes either digestive problems (diarrhea or bloating, for example) or skin problems (itching, rashes, fur problems). Faster than you know, the suspicion arises: your dog suffers from allergies. But how should you react?

Help - my dog is allergic!

An allergy arises when the immune system reacts to an otherwise harmless substance. These substances include, for example, pollen, dust mites, flea saliva or certain food ingredients. Even if your dog shows the symptoms described, it is not necessarily due to an allergic reaction. Other elements can cause or worsen the symptoms:

  • simple stress
  • parasites (fleas, mites, worms)
  • bacterial infection
  • fungus
  • organ disorder

But what should you do when your dog apparently is suffering from a food intolerance? There are several possibilities to reach a diagnosis. Often, the veterinarian will conduct a blood test. Our tip: the most reliable method to diagnose an allergy is trying an exclusion diet. In the best-case scenario, a veterinarian should accompany this process.

How does an exclusion diet work?

When suffering from an allergy, the body reacts to certain protein structures. Under an exclusion diet, you only feed your dog proteins with which he has had very little or no contact at all. One possibility is to develop a feeding plan with your veterinarian and cook food for your dog yourself over a certain period of time. Another possibility is to feed a hypoallergenic complete feed like our InsectDog hypoallergenic. Complete feed has the advantage of being nutritionally well-balanced, so you can be sure that your dog is receiving all of the nutrients he needs. Once your dog is doing better, you can continue using InsectDog hypoallergenic as his standard food. You should carry out the exclusion diet over a period of at least eight weeks. For some dogs, it takes 10-12 weeks for the symptoms to ease noticeably. For the exclusion diet to obtain good results, you should avoid giving the dog "tidbits" such as other kinds of kibble, treats, chew products, leftovers and refuse from outside.

Insect protein - a problem solver for your darling

Hypoallergenes Hundefutter mit InsektenproteinMany dogs with intolerances or allergies often react not only to one but rather several protein sources. It is therefore often not easy to find a dog food that your dog can tolerate. Until now, insects have rarely been used as a source of protein. The likelihood that your dog will be allergic to it is rather low. Our dietetic dog food, InsectDog hypoallergen, contains no other animal protein sources apart from high-quality insect protein. It is therefore ideal for dogs with food allergies. The formulation is also grain-free and based on potatoes and peas. InsectDog hypoallergen is thus suitable for adult dogs suffering from food intolerances. Furthermore, insects can also solve many of the world’s problems.

Grain-free dog food

If your dog has a grain intolerance, we offer a good alternatives with both InsectDog hypoallergen and VeggieDog grainfree. VeggieDog grainfree is a 100 % vegetarian and 99.99% vegan complete dog food for adult dogs. The formulation is grain-free and based on potatoes and peas.
And best of all: all of our products are certified as “Very good” by the German Agricultural Society. For you and your four-legged friend, this means the highest quality guarantee – from the ingredients to the finished product.

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