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Frank Weber: He and Otti endorse Green Petfood

You may know Frank Weber as an animal resucer from the German VOX TV show "hundkatzemaus" (Dog, cat, mouse). In addition, he is the passionate manager of the Franziskus Animal Shelter in Hamburg. And he is a big Green Petfood fan!

Positive experiences with VeggieDog grainfree

Frank Weber mit Hund OttiIn 2015, Frank Weber adopted the bulldog mutt Ottmar, a.k.a. Otti, who had been rescued from a Spanish euthanasia station. When Otti arrived in his new home, the Franziskus Animal Shelter, he suffered from a severe food allergy. His symptoms were severe itching, inflamed ears and paws and an anal gland that was constantly full. On top of it all, Otti was very aggressive. As an opponent of intensive animal farming who consciously watches his own level of meat consumption, Frank Weber put Otti on VeggieDog grainfree. Within a short time, there was obvious improvement: the itching eased, Otti stopped chewing on his paws, and even the ear infection improved. With less itching, Otti's mood improved, and his aggressive behaviour eased as well.

Green Petfood supports animal protection

Our first priority is proper nutrition for dogs. Otti's story shows that, with our vegetarian dog food, we can help many dogs with food intolerances. Beyond that, we would like to commit to animal protection with Green Petfood. Together with the drugstore Budnikowsky and Frank Weber, we have started a campaign in the Hamburg area: for every 2-kg bag that is sold at Budnikowsky, Green Petfood will donate 50 cents to the bmt (Association Against Animal Abuse) and to the Franziskus Animal Shelter in Hamburg.

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