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FairCat Safe

glutenfree recipe with insect protein

Glutenfree all-around care package with all the necessary nutrients & precious fatty acids from insect protein. Life Protect mixture helps your adult feline friend feel fit and happy

100% Fair

Our FairCat Safe delivers all the nutrients your furry friend needs to explore the world with confidence. Our unique Life Protect mixture, consisting of valuable antioxidants, prebiotic inulin and essential taurine, helps your adult tiger feel fit and happy. Thanks to the glutenfree recipe, you not only do your cat good but also help make the world more sustainable every day: because this fair meal is even climate positive and contains only insect protein, THE protein source of the future!

FairCat Safe - Complete feed for adult cats.

Packaging size: 300 g, 5 x 300 g, 7.5 kg

Composition: dried chicken protein from a more species-appropriate husbandry 21.0 %; rice; dried potato; chicken fat from a more species-appropriate husbandry 11.2 %; potato protein; insects 6.0 %; beet fibre; partially hydrolysed yeast; minerals; herbs, fruits; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin)

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Important for:Analytical constituents:
Growth, muscles, regenerationProtein%32.00
Energy, shiny coat, healthy skinFat content%13.00
DigestionCrude fibre%1.90
Supply of mineralsCrude ash%7.70
Bones, teeth, blood clottingCalcium%1.60
Bones, teeth, movementPhosphorus%1.30
Muscles, nerve functionMagnesium%0.11
Metabolisable energy:MJ/kg

* National Research Council (NRC) 2006

Important for:
Blood formation, respiration, enzymesIron1mg/kg180
Healthy skin, cell protectionZinc2mg/kg140
Shiny coat, healthy bones, cell protectionManganese3mg/kg16
Healthy skin, beautiful coat, cell protectionCopperr4mg/kg20
Energy metabolismIodine5mg/kg2.00
Muscles, cell protection, fertilitySelenium6mg/kg0.35

Technological additives: Antioxidants: tocopherol extracts of natural origin.

1 Iron (ferrous sulfate, monohydrate), 2 Zink (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate), 3 Maganese (manganese-(II)-oxide), 4 Copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate), 5 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhyrous), 6 Selenium (sodium selenite)

Important for:Nutritional additives per kg:
Eyesight, fertility, infection controlVitamin AI.E./kg24000
Bone metabolismVitamin D3I.E./kg1800
Cell protection, healthy skinVitamin Emg/kg220
Energy metabolism, nerve functionVitamin B1mg/kg15
Enzymes, energy metabolismVitamin B2mg/kg20
Blood formation, protein metabolismVitamin B6mg/kg20
Blood formation, growth, metabolismVitamin B12mcg/kg100
Growth, development, blood formationFolic acidmg/kg5
Skin, energy metabolism, nervesNiacinemg/kg90
Fat metabolismL-carnitinemg/kg250
Eyesight, heart muscle, fertilityTaurinemg/kg2000
healthy skin, energy metabolismBiotinemcg/kg1000
Recommended amounts per animal per day
2 - 3 kg30 - 45 g
3 - 4 kg45 - 55 g
4 - 5 kg55 - 70 g
5 - 7 kg70 - 100 g
7 -10 kg100 - 130 g
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