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First cat food with positive environmental balance

Fairness, happiness and love went into FairCat! In our cat food we use only super premium ingredients. It goes without saying that we do not conduct any animal testing in developing our food and do not include genetically modified ingredients. We only process the best ingredients, preferably coming from regional suppliers. For example, our chicken and salmon are raised in a more species-appropriate way, and we use insects, a high-quality and sustainable protein source. With FairCat you can be sure you are buying certified quality made in Germany.

True to our motto “greenify our future”, we attach great importance to sustainability and climate protection. That is why we support selected social and ecological development projects. We offset all of our carbon emissions via a forest conservation project in Tanzania! We thus not only help to produce oxygen for our beautiful world but also to protect habitat for endangered animal species. And we are always one step ahead: we offset more CO2 than necessary to cover our actual carbon emissions – 25 percent more, to be exact.

Important criteria for cat food from Green Petfood:

  • Positive environmental balance thanks to forest conservation in Tanzania
  • Only animal protein from a more species-appropriate husbandry
  • Easy mixing concept for both dry and wet food
  • No added wheat or soy
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • No added genetically modified ingredients
  • No animal testing

FairCat Safe

Glutenfree all-around care package with all the necessary nutrients & precious fatty acids from insect protein.
Life Protect mixture helps your adult feline friend feel fit and happy

100% Fair


FairCat Vital

Grainfree all-around care package with all the necessary nutrients.
Life Protect mixture helps your adult tiger feel fit and happy

100% Fair

FairCat Happy

Flaxseed oil & psyllium husks help your
adult furry friend deal with pesky hairballs.
100% fair
Anti Hair-ball

   Flaxseed oil & psyllium husks


FairCat Beauty

Hemp oil & precious fatty acids make your adult feline’s skin and fur shine,
with aloe vera as the smooth finishing touch to the recipe.
100% fair
Hair & Skin

   Aloe vera & hemp oil


FairCat Sensitive

Psyllium husks & fennel help make sure that everything
runs smoothly in your adult four-legged friend’s belly.
100% fair

   Psyllium husks & fennel


FairCat Care

An extra serving of tasty broth & methionine reduces the risk of urinary stones,
and cranberry’s concentrated power takes the recipe to the next level.
100% fair
PH Control



FairCat Fit

An extra serving of vitamin C & E as well as L-carnitine provides
everything your adult tiger needs for its next adventure.
100% fair

   Vitamin C + E


FairCat Balance

Green tea & an extra serving of vitamin C & E protect
your adult four-legged friend from free radicals.
100% fair

   Green Tee & Vitamin C + E


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Questions about our food? Our experts are here for you and answer your questions about our Green Petfood dog food. 

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